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Dromida Monster Truck Jam Session : Spotlight

Build Your RC Track Today! : Tips & How-To's

Installing FPV in an RC Car : Tips & How-To's

Dromida Monster Truck : Instant RC

Dromida Buggy Bashing : Spotlight

RealFlight X Changes Everything : Spotlight

Dromida Short Course Truck : Spotlight

Flyzone Rapide Smooth Soaring : Raw Performance

Dromida HoverShot Shoot : Spotlight

Install ARRMA NERO Differentials : Tips & How-To's

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Great Planes Factor 30cc : Raw Performance

Dromida Vehicles—The Basher’s Best Friend! : Spotlight

Dromida Touring Car Double Time : Instant RC

HoverShot Flat out FPV : Instant RC

Duratrax Onyx Charger 255 Gives you More : Spotlight

Helicopter Family at IRCHA : Road Noise

Hobbico Hits the Road with Castle Creations : Road Noise

Dromida Rally Car Build : Instant RC

Dromida Rally Car : Spotlight

Frank and Matt Botos on Loving the Hobby

Video channels 


Listen up. All the coolest gear, the best rides, and the finest fliers show up right here on the Spotlight first. It's the one stop shop for all things tops in RC. From radios to cars, drones, RTF, FPV, and more, Spotlight has the scoop.

Raw Performance

All the best RC products shown doing what they do best in the best way—clean, simple, full-length performance videos showing off the capabilities of your RC obsession whether it's flying, driving, or blasting across the water.

RC Antics

Feed your need for fun and ask yourself: "can you top it?" Absolutely obscene, ridiculously challenging, and totally unique RC Antics by professionals go here. Submit your own sick stunts and they might make it on Keep It RC!

Tips & How-To's

Nuts and bolts, flaps and ailerons, clutch and throttle—How-To's are your detailed descriptions of some of the most talked about dilemmas in RC. Bit beefy for casual viewing, but indispensable for those pesky problems you need an expert take on.

Road Noise

Officially unofficial—the unscripted in-car conversations of top pilots and officials on the way to major RC Events… complete with Road Noise. We'd tell you what you're likely to find here… but we're not sure.

RC Digs

Show off? You bet. If you've got it, flaunt it, right? These are real people's hobby hangouts, their RC Digs, opened up just for you for just a few minutes. Got something to compare? Submit your pad and share it with the world!

Instant RC

"Some assembly required?" Stop scratching your head and put the manual down. We'll show you how to assemble the whole model in thirty seconds or less. Forget the learning curve—take top new models from in the box to in action fast with Instant RC.


There's a lot of cool events to be part of if you're in with the RC community. Check back here to get clued in on fly-ins, races, and festivals across the country! Got a promo vid for your kickin' RC event? Submit it and we'll share!

Reviews & News

Everybody has something to say about their gear. We've got a space for professionals and hobbyists alike to weigh in on the loadout of their latest drone, truck, plane, boat, or device.

Tower Hobbies

Gear and gadgets make the RC world go round and Tower Hobbies has the best of both. Click here to see the latest and best Tower merch.